ICYMI: Bipartisan Group of House Members Share Their Support for Israel, Call for Release of Hostages in Floor Speeches

Feb 02, 2024

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Bipartisan Group of House Members Share Their Support for Israel, Call for Release of Hostages in Floor Speeches

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Members of Congress from both parties have taken to the House floor this week and in recent months to share their support for Israel and tell the stories of civilians killed and taken hostage by Hamas during the October 7th massacre. This large and bipartisan group of policymakers have used their speeches on the House floor to condemn Hamas and  demand the release of the remaining hostages. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has a new website that showcases many of these House floor speeches.


Sampling of Representatives’ Speeches Below:

  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL): “Recently we marked 100 days since Hamas’s gruesome attack. That’s more than 100 days of inconceivable suffering for families who had their loved ones ripped away from them. More than 100 days consumed by nonstop panic, dread, and uncertainty. The pain, shock, and anger burning in the hearts of the Jewish people will never dull.”
  • Rep. Marc Veasey (D-TX): “One of the most important and critical pieces of what happened on October 7th that can’t be forgotten is obviously the hostages that were taken place [sic]. And it’s been four months since twin brothers Ziv and Gali Berman were brutally taken from their home to be held in Gaza.”
  • Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH): “I stand here today…that Hamas immediately release Amiram [Cooper]along with all the other remaining hostages. Those who have been released, including Amiram’s wife, have shared horror stories about the inhumane conditions. We must stand with Israel as it works to destroy Hamas and free its innocent citizens.”
  • Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL): “As we speak, over 100 hostages…remain separated from their loved ones and it is terrifying to even think of the fear, the brutality, and the perverse mistreatment they are experiencing every single day. It’s been our solemn responsibility to share [the hostages’] stories, and it is even a greater responsibility to bring them home.”
  • Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI): “Today, I demand that the reprehensible animals release [Kfir Bibas] immediately along with all the remaining hostages, and I urge my colleagues and fellow Americans to stand with Kfir and with Israel and to pray for peace.”
  • Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA): “I join my colleagues in calling for the immediate release of hostages held by terrorist Hamas and I urge the administration to continue to do everything in their power to help free hostages like Omer [Neutra] and ensure their safe return home.”
  • Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN): “Noa Argamani was taken, put on a motorcycle, and taken out of Israel and she reached up and said, “Please don’t kill me.” She’s still there [in captivity]…There are efforts to get the children, the elderly, the women released, with a six-week or a two-month ceasefire.”
  • Rep. Rudy Yakym (R-IN): I rise today…to demand that Hamas release Ziv and Gali [Berman]immediately along with the more than 130 hostages remaining in Gaza. Israel has acted in good faith during the ongoing negotiations; they have shown they are serious about a pause in fighting so that hostages can be returned home…It’s past time to bring them all home.”

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