ICYMI: 200 Suspected Hamas Terrorists Detained at Nasser Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected]  ICYMI: 200 SUSPECTED HAMAS TERRORISTS DETAINED AT NASSER HOSPITAL WASHINGTON, D.C. – Israeli military officials detained around 200 suspected Hamas terrorists at Nasser Hospital in Gaza. Inside the hospital, Israeli officials found “sealed boxes of medication with the names of Israeli hostages on them, as well as several weapons belonging […]



ICYMI: AJC CEO Ted Deutch Emphasizes Israel’s Strong Alliances and Shared Values with Japan, South Korea

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] ICYMI: AJC CEO TED DEUTCH EMPHASIZES ISRAEL’S STRONG ALLIANCES AND SHARED VALUES WITH JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, former Congressman and American Jewish Committee (AJC) CEO Ted Deutch emphasized Israel’s strong alliances and shared values with Japan and South Korea in a Daily News op-ed. The piece debunks […]



ICYMI: Evidence Shows Hamas Operates from the Nasser Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] ICYMI: EVIDENCE SHOWS HAMAS OPERATES FROM THE NASSER HOSPITAL WASHINGTON, D.C. – Testimony from a freed hostage and a Hamas terrorist shows that Hamas operates from the Nasser hospital. Released hostage Sharon Alony Cunio said Hamas terrorists held her and nearly 30 other hostages on the first floor of the […]



NEW: Freed Hostage Details Hamas’s Sexual Assaults of Other Hostages, “Every Time We Talked About it, At Least One of the People Said They Suffered Sexual Abuse”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] NEW: FREED HOSTAGE DETAILS HAMAS’S SEXUAL ASSAULTS OF OTHER HOSTAGES, “EVERY TIME WE TALKED ABOUT IT, AT LEAST ONE OF THE PEOPLE SAID THEY SUFFERED SEXUAL ABUSE” WASHINGTON – Freed 17-year-old hostage Agam Goldstein-Almog described Hamas’s sexual assaults of other hostages, and detailed a harrowing case of sexual violence suffered […]



ICYMI: Hamas Refused to Give Hostages Critical Medications, Violating Hostage Deal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] ICYMI: HAMAS REFUSED TO GIVE HOSTAGES CRITICAL MEDICATIONS, VIOLATING HOSTAGE DEAL WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hamas refused to give hostages critical medications, which violates “a Qatar- and French-mediated deal meant to deliver treatment to sick captives held by Hamas in exchange for more aid for Palestinians,” according to ABC News. The […]



ICYMI: Senior Hamas Official Promises, “We Can Repeat October 7 Many Times”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] ICYMI: SENIOR HAMAS OFFICIAL PROMISES, “WE CAN REPEAT OCTOBER 7 MANY TIMES” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senior Hamas official Ali Baraka recently promised, “We can repeat October 7 many times.” In the same interview on a Hezbollah-controlled TV station, the terrorist also said “Arab fighters” on October 7th “stormed [the Gaza […]



ICYMI: Bipartisan Group of House Members Share Their Support for Israel, Call for Release of Hostages in Floor Speeches

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] Bipartisan Group of House Members Share Their Support for Israel, Call for Release of Hostages in Floor Speeches WASHINGTON, D.C. – Members of Congress from both parties have taken to the House floor this week and in recent months to share their support for Israel and tell the stories of […]

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