New Report: Hamas Forced Families to Watch Terrorists Rape Their Loved Ones at Gunpoint

Feb 21, 2024

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hamas terrorists forced families to watch the terrorists rape their loved ones at gunpoint on October 7th to “increase the pain and humiliation for all present,” according to a new report issued by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. New victim and eyewitness testimony from the report confirms Hamas deployed genital mutilation as a tactic of war and penetrated victims’ bodies with knives, grenades, and iron rods, which was part of Hamas’s larger “strategy involving systematic, targeted sexual abuse.”

Most October 7th sexual assault victims were killed by Hamas, meaning the public may never know the full extent of Hamas’s brutality during the October 7th massacre. The report was sent to “decision makers” at the United Nations, who remained silent for months following the brutal attack. Testimony from freed Israeli hostages reveals that Hamas continues to weaponize sexual violence against hostages.



  • The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel on Wednesday submitted to the United Nations a report detailing the sadistic and systematic nature of the sexual violence employed by Hamas terrorists during the terror group’s brutal October 7 onslaught on southern Israel, as well as evidence of such crimes being perpetrated on an ongoing basis against hostages still held in Gaza.
  • According to a statement from the association, which was founded in 1990 as an umbrella organization of Israel’s nine rape crisis centers, “the report clearly demonstrates that this is not a ‘malfunction’ or isolated incident, but a clear operational strategy involving systematic, targeted sexual abuse,” contrary to the claims of some pro-Palestinian activists who have denied the extent of Hamas’s weaponization of rape.
  • The report also noted multiple instances of Hamas terrorists engaging in gang rape, which, the authors said, accounts for about 90 percent of wartime rapes. “Cooperation in the acts strengthens the perpetrators’ sense of togetherness and solidarity,” according to the report.
  • One survivor from the festival, identified in the report as Sapir, said in a testimony to police that she witnessed five separate rapes. From her hiding place near Route 232, not far from the festival grounds, Sapir said she saw a large group of Hamas terrorists swapping firearms and injured women. In a separate instance, Sapir said she saw one terrorist rape a woman, as another terrorist cut her and mutilated her body.
  • Notwithstanding, the report outlines several sadistic tactics that were recurring, among them genital mutilation and penetration of victims’ bodies with weapons.Thus, Nachman Dickstein, a volunteer for body retrieval service ZAKA, was cited describing a pair of women bound to a bed by their arms and legs, one of whom had undergone sexual assault and had had a knife shoved in her vagina.
  • Rapes were frequently perpetrated in front of the victim’s friends and family, to compound their humiliation and fear, the report’s authors said. Itzik Itah, a volunteer for ZAKA, was cited in the report saying that in one house, a heterosexual couple was found bound together, with the woman’s body exhibiting “clear signs of rape.” Men were not spared from sexual assault and several were found with mutilated genitalia.
  • “Silence is no longer an option. We expect international organizations to take a clear stance; we cannot stand on the sidelines,” said the association’s CEO, Orit Sulitzeanu, in a statement announcing the report’s submission to UN officials. “Silence will be remembered as a historical stain on those who chose to remain silent and deny the sexual crimes committed by Hamas.”


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